The Massey Ferguson 3000 series was introduced in 1986 as a new advanced series, with electronic controls. This series replaced the Massey Ferguson 600 series in the mid to high hp market. The range consisted of 5 models in the basic series and 3 sub-series and ranged from 63 hp to 175 hp. These new models were built in the French factory and were updated with newer cleaner engines in 199?. The series 3000, 3100 and 3600 series was replaced by the MF 6100 series and the MF 8100 series in 1995.

The Massey Ferguson 3500 series was more basic (with out most of the electronics of the other ranges) and built to replace the Massey Ferguson 2000 series in the US market.

The lower powered Massey Ferguson 300 series built in Coventry also without the high tec electronics was added for the UK and Europe and released in 1986, covering the 47 hp to 100 hp range.[1]

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Massey Ferguson 3100 series

3 model range

Massey Ferguson 3500 series - US market

{{main|Massey Ferguson 3500 series]] 3 models

Massey Ferguson 3600 series
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110 hp up to 173 hp

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