Massey Ferguson 135
MF 135 (restored) at MF 50y event at GDSF 08 - IMG 1094
A restored MF 135 on the MF 50 year display at GDSF in 2008
Model history
Model introduced 1964
Model discontinued Unknown
Model status Unknown Discontinued
No. produced Unknown
Preceded by Massey Ferguson 35
Superseded by Massey Ferguson 200 series
Engine Specification
Engine make Perkins
Engine model AD3.152
Fuel type Diesel
Power hp 37
Power kW 28
Governed rpm {{{governedrpm}}}
Displacement cu in /(litre) 152 cu in
No. of Cylinders 3
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type 3 x 2 (hi/low) (Multi-Power option)
Gearbox make MF
Forward 6
Reverse 2
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Cab Details
Cab Make MF (option)
Other info
Plow rating Unknown
Nebraska Tests No. Unknown
Approximate Cost new in (year) £840 (1964)
Notes One of the Massey Ferguson 100 Series Launched in 1964
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The Massey Ferguson 135 ('MF 135) was introduced in 1964 as part of the Massey Ferguson 100 series of world wide tractors to replace the ageing Massey Ferguson 35 that was a updated Ferguson FE-35 design from the 1940s. It had a 37 hp (28 kW) Perkins or Continental engine.

Model historyEdit

The Massey Ferguson 100 series was introduced to be a world wide range to replace the former Massey-Harris and Ferguson tractors many of which were still based on pre-war designs. The basic design was still a development of the Ferguson design.

The Model was introduced in the USA first built at MF's Detroit plant. The UK version was built at Coventry and was designed around the Perkins 3-cylinder engine. The design also moved to a 12 speed gearbox.


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Options / VariationsEdit

135 438 266 Serial / production numbersEdit

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The production of the new tractor was nearly 13,000 from the Detroit factory in 1965. With 44,246 built in 1966 from both factories.[1]


These are a popular model as there were loads built and many people remember owning or operating them when they were younger. There are also a number of 'special' variations available for the collector looking for more obscure tractors. Parts are readily available and they were better engineered than the early pre war models, and tidy examples can still be found in ex farm condition that is tired body work but mechanically still sound.

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  • SFL 315K a 196? MF 135 Multipower sn 135/48111/FG that has been professional restored back to original condition.

Massey Ferguson 135 tractors in preservation
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Base Model No. Reg No.
(if known)
Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
(if known)
Photo Were seen/Featured Other info
MF 135 HPY 170D+ sn unknown  ? Perkins  ? Massey Ferguson 135 - HPY 170D at Duncombe Park 09 - IMG 8018 At Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009 Fitted with P.A.V.T. rear wheels. Supplied new by Glovers Farm Services.
MF 135 Multipower SFL 315K+ sn 135/48111/FG 196? Perkins owner ? Image needed LHB

 ? A professionally restored example.
MF 135  ?  ?  ? Perkins Koos van Diejen 24052009082 Velddriel at Willem Quick backjard A perfect restored MF 135 French edition
MF 134 4-WD  ?  ?  ? Perkins Owner ? MF 135 with rare 4-WD conversion-Driffield-P8100532 at Driffield Steam and Vintage Rally 2008 Fitted with Four-wheel drive
MF 135 FCJ 822D+ sn ? year ? Perkins Owner ? MF 135 + Lambourne cab (FCJ 822D) at Somerset 2013 - IMG 6883 Seen at Somerset Vintage & Classic Tractor Show 2013 Fitted with a Lambourn cab
MF 135 reg no. serial number year engine Owner ? Image needed LHB

Seen at
MF 135 reg no. serial number year engine Owner ? Image needed LHB

Seen at
MF 135 Image needed LHB

MF 135 reg no. serial number year engine Owner ? Image needed LHB

Seen at
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