Marshall no. 81285 - 5 inch scale model - IMG 0136

Marshall no. 81285

Marshall no. 81285 plate - IMG 0137

Brass makers plate on the steam chest cover

Marshall no. 81285 controls - IMG 0138

Detaisl of the controls and gears

Marshall no. 81285 is a 5 inch scale model of a typical Marshall, Sons & Co. Traction engine


This 5 inch scale model was built by the presenter of the 'bygones' TV series in the 1970s. the unusual scale was dictated by the size of component that could be machined in his lath. It is unusall as well in the unlike todays engine kits that several companies make most of the components were made by the builder and machined from raw castings or from solid bar stock.

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This model has attende may steam rallies and other events in its life, some of the recent ones are listed below;


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