Marshal no.79087 - RR - Jane (NR 6120) at Scorton 2017 - IMG 8004
Marshall no. 79087 at Scorton 17
Engine Details
Current Name Jane
Manufacturer Marshall, Sons & Co.
Build date 1920
Serial no. 79087
Registration no. NR 6120
Machine type ?
Weight Tons (kg) 10 ton
Date into Preservation (UK)
Power nhp 8 nhp
No. of Cylinders 2
Ancillary equipment Scarifier
Date bought (Current) 2017
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
not disclosed
Auctioneer -
Private Sale yes
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Marshall no. 79087 is an Steam roller that was built in 1921 by Marshall, Sons & Co. in Gainsborough. The engine currently carries the name Jane. This engine is currently owned/in the care of ? from Blackburn in Lancashire .

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S Type Marshall, a 12 ton, Piston Valve, Single Cylinder, Convertible Steam Road Roller, No 79087 named Jane. Built in 1925, she was new to Blaby District Council and later absorbed by Leicester County Council circa 1926. The Marshall spent most of its working life in and around the Leicester area, out-stationed at various times at depots including Croft and Market Harborough. She was exhibited on the Marshall stand at the East of England Show at Peterborough in 1925 and was delivered to its new owners at the end of the show, painted In Marshall No.1 show finish and fully lined out as you see her today, a contrast to the more common steam road roller liveries which were usually green. Finishing working in 1961, the S Type was laid up at the Croft Depot of Leicester County Council for disposal. Purchased initially by Mr Tom Burton of Market Harborough, Tom ran it for some years before he started to rebuild it. He died before it was finished and Len Crane purchased the kit of parts from Tom’s garden and rebuilt it circa 1972/76. He presented it to his wife Jane for her 50th birthday! The engine was later purchased by Roger Mills of Hetherington Lamp Company fame in 1990, moving her to his home near Welshpool and was eventually purchased by the current owner in 2015.


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