Marshall no. 76890 TE Wayfarer - PY 272 at Harewood 08 - IMG 0521
Ar Harewood House Steam Rally 2008
Engine Details
Current Name Wayfarer
Manufacturer Marshall, Sons & Co.
Build date 1923
Serial no. 76890
Registration no. PY 272
Machine type Traction engine (ex Road Roller)
Weight Tons (kg) 10 ton
Date into Preservation (UK)
Power nhp 5 nhp
No. of Cylinders 2
Cylinder type compound
No. of Gears ?
Ancillary equipment Canopy
Current Owner / Keeper C. West, Brafferton
Sale Price (approximate)
(if published)
Private Sale {{{privatesale}}}
Notes Formerly a Road roller (pre 1983)
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Marshall no. 76890 is an Traction engine that was built in 1923 by Marshall, Sons & Co. in Gainsbrough Lincolnshire.

Engine HistoryEdit

Originally built as a road roller, this engine was converted in 1983 into a Traction engine.[1]

In 2008 the engine was seen at Harewood House Steam Rally without a canopy but in 2009 it was fitted with one.

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  • Various show guides
  1. Duncombe Park 2009 show guide

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