For tractors built by Marshall, Sons & Co. under the Marshall name, see Field Marshall.
Marshall Tractors Ltd
Predecessor Leyland Tractors
Founded 1981
Defunct 1991
Headquarters , United Kingdom
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Parent Nickerson group
McConnell Tractors

Marshall Tractors Ltd was the company set up following the purchased by Nickerson group of the tractor operations of Leyland in 1981. The Leyland range was rebranded as Marshall and relaunched with a new colour scheme. The company was sold to McConnell Tractors in 1985, and later resold. Theakstones buys and then sell out to Bentall-Simplex, who then badges various makes of tractors as Marshall.

A former dealer John Charnley and Sons of Brindle, near Chorley, Lancashire buys up stock of parts then buys the remaining stock and the design rights from Bentall-Simplex (but not the brand name) and build some as JWD Field Master to order. (The Marshall name belonging to Theakstones who kept the parts business).

Marshall 802 P8100540

A Mashall 802 (formerly Leyland 282 tractor with new cab)


A summary of each time period needed;

Main article: Nuffield The early years,
Main article: BMC the mid years,
Main article: Leyland Tractors for the preceding years.

Some new Higher HP models were introduced based on ZF gear boxes.

Marshall began rebadging tractors built by Steyr. Ferrari and IMT for sale in the UK. In 1989, the company advertised itself as Marshall Daimler Ltd. In 1992, John Charnley and Sons bought the rights to the Marshall tractors, but not the name.

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The Marshall 115-4 s/n 2966C is preserved by the a C. Frip in Somerset. A second machine is recorded in Marshall records as 2967C but the machines build plate says it is a 100-4, and the machine is now owned by a Farmer in Aberdeenshire, is fitted with a naturally aspirated Leyland engine not he turbo engine of the 115-4.[2]

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