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Gainsborough badge

The Marshall Gainsborough Loading Shovel or Gainsborough Medium-wheeled Earth-moving Tractor was built for the British 'Ministry of Defence' (M.O.D.) in 1958 by Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire, England. It was originally designed by the Daimler Specialist Vehicle Company to an MOD spec for the Royal Engineers. Daimler SV built military vehicle such as scout cars.

Model historyEdit

Marshall Gainsborough loading shovel - ex MOD - IMG 4985

A Mark 2 Gainsborough shovel in preservation

Two prototypes were built that differed with no.1 being a bulldozer and no.2 a wheel loader, both being cable controlled NOT hydraulic. They had Boughton winches at the front and Vickers-Onions cable control units to operate a towed scraper box.

The Mark 1 pre-production models for evaluation were hard to operate with the cable control system.

Marshalls then designed a modified mark 2 version with hydraulic control system and power steering.

They had a 6-cylinder Leyland AUE 680/120 diesel engine of 145 hp. 10-speed epicyclic gear box and Boughton winch.

Production numbers were low with only 150 being built.

Preserved examplesEdit

Boughton winch on front of Marshall Gainsborough - IMG 4981

Boughton Front winch

Winch on Marshall Gainsborough loading shovel - IMG 4984

Vickers-Onions CCU

A few examples are with collectors or in museum collections;

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