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==See also==
==See also==
* [[Shows and Meets]] - list of events
* [[Shows and Meets]] - list of events
* [[List of Vehicles by registration number]]
==References / sources==
==References / sources==

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Marshall 302 A523 DRM at Bath sw - IMG 4905

A Marshall 302 reg A532 DRM in restored condition at Bath and Southwest Tractor Show in 2009

The Marshall was built from 1982 to 85 in Turkey by ? and was branded as Marshall. This model was previously also sold by Leyland as the 302 as a low hp model to fill a gap in the range. Very few were actually imported. Its main market was the Groundcare sector with councils and sports field maintenance (Mowing)


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  • 30 hp Diesel engine from Leyland
  • 9 F - 3 R gearbox

Options and updates

  • Cab
  • Grassland tyres

Machines in preservation

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