Mailam Spa
Founded 1950s
Founder(s) Dr. Seggatini
Headquarters Venezia, Italy
Products agriculture machinery tractor
Crawler ford 5055

A Mailam 3055CF crawler at HMT Festival Panningen - Holland


A Mailam 5001 crawler with bulldozer blade at the HMT Festival Panningen - Holland 2009

Mailam Ford 3055CF at Duncombe park 09 - IMG 7749

A Mailam 3055CF at Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2009

The Mailam company of Musile di Piave (Venezia), Italy was founded in the 1950s by Dr. Seggatini. The Dr. and his Chief engineer had experience of Caterpillar and International Crawler tractors and they used that to design two industrial crawlers. A 67 hp (50 kW) 670 model and a 55 hp (41 kW) 655 model. In 1966 they brought out a new model the Mailam 5001 based on the new Preforce Ford 5000 skid unit.[1]

The Mailam 5001 was built in a 60 hp (45 kW) 4-cylinder and a 115 bhp 6-cylinder version, and offered with bulldozer blade or just as a crawler tractor. They were built with Berco track units and fitted with multidisc slewing clutches.

Mailam produce also tracked dozer and loaders based on Mailam farm models.

Model rangeEdit

  • Mailam 655 55 hp (41 kW)
  • Mailam 670 67 hp (50 kW)
  • Mailam 5001 4-cylinder 60 hp (45 kW) (Preforce) / 75 hp (56 kW) (Force)
  • Mailam 5001 6-cylinder Ford 2703E engine
  • Mailam 3055CF
  • Mailam 670 (industrial loader)
  • Mailam M70 (MA with angledozer , MB with bulldozer, ML with loader)
  • Mailam M75 (MA with angledozer, MB with bulldozer, ML with loader)
  • Mailam M85 (MA with angledozer, MB with bulldozer, ML with loader)
  • Mailam M135 (MA with angledozer, MB with bulldozer, ML with loader)

UK salesEdit

The tractor was offered in the UK by Ford Dealer Gates of Baldock from 1970. It is reported that gates only sold 3 Mailam tractors in the UK 2 4-cylinder and 1 6-cylinder model.[1]


One example has been seen in the UK and a collector in the Netherlands has several examples which have been features in tractor magazines.

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