Magnaload was a Heavy Haulage firm based in Billingham on Teesside in the late 1970s. The firm had a pair of Volvo F89s . The firm did a fair bit of work in the fabrication yards of the north east moving oil rig modules and sub assemblies, as well as moving several rail cranes over the Pennies in Cumbria for Cowans Sheldon down to the docks at Workington for export.[1]

Was Magnaload disbanded, as they were involved in a large Law suite with Petrofina in 1984 thats cited in case law ?.[2]

Connection with Mammoet?

Was Magnaload connected to Dutch company Mammoet as both firms have use a similar symbol as their logo. ?

The FleetEdit

Preserved UK trucksEdit

Magnaload Volvo

Magnaload Volvo F89 at Bromyard show 2008

Notable LoadsEdit

In Northern Island they moved with a Northern Island Carriers an 401 ton steam reheater vessel from GEC to the dock at Larne. This was a record load at the time on public roads. This was one of 4 boilers for export to a Californian Nuclear power station. Corgi produced a 1:50 scale model of this (Product Code: CG18006), but with Northern Ireland Cariers contractor pulling it.[3]

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