Mack model EH
Mack EH military cargo truck
Place of origin Flag of the United States.svg United States
Production history
Manufacturer Mack Trucks
Produced from 1936
Number built 2,400+ for military service
Variants EHT semi-tractor, EHU, EHUT (COE models)
Specifications (EH[1])
Weight 20,500 lb (9,300 kg) (loaded)
Length 270+3/4 in (270.02 m)
Width 96 in (2.44 m)
Height 113 in (2.87 m) Maximum

Engine Mack EN354
100 hp (75 kW)
Suspension Beam axles on leaf springs
Fuel capacity 120 US gal (450 l)
275 mi (442.6 km)
Speed 35 mph (56 km/h)

The Mack model EH was a family of 4x2 trucks used by the US and British military before an during World War II. They were built in (militarized or not) conventional, COE and military pattern designs, and were used as both trucks and semi-tractors. Originally a comercial design, in 1943 a military version was also built.[2][3]

Development Edit

After the EE, EF and EG-types of Mack the US armed forces used the commercial EH type, that had a different hood and a V-shape radiator. There were beside the EH the EHS (for bulk fuel, water tankers and chassis for the mounting of van bodies), the EHT for tractor, the EHU, that had a COE, with the variants the EHUS (for van bodies) and EHUT (tractor with COE) and the EMUS of 1942, that had a shorter wheelbase of 132 in. We found them often as fuel servicing trucks of the US Navy or for example as EHU-wrecker for the USMC.[2][3]

In 1942 militarised trucks were delivered to the US Army. Physically they differed from the commercial type by devoid of brightwork and nameplates, a military style cargo body with canvas cover and painted olive drab all over. 510 EH, 70 EHU, 140 EHT with semi-trailers ST20, 180 EHUT with semi-trailers ST20 were delivered. These trucks were supplied under Lend-Lease to Britain and many could be seen carrying the L or H-numbers of the british WD[2]

In 1943 followed a military pattern version of the EH type, that was again destined mainly for Defense Aid. From the total of 3450 EH produced 2400 were supplied to Britain with WD L(orry) numbers. Engine was the EN354 (Mack) 6 cylinder L-head petrol engine. Gearbox was the TR31 direct-top 5 speed. There also was a limited production of EHT (tractors) and a long-wheel base bus chassis. All had the EN354 engine and TR31 gearbox[2]



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