Palfinger crane on bonneted Scania 8x4 at GDSF 08 - IMG 1033

A scania 8x4 tractor unit converted for showmans use as a ballast tractor with a large crane and onboard generator to assemble fairground rides and power them.

Machinery transporter is a term used to describe a specialist type of truck and or trailer built to transport industrial machinery and parts of static plant.


Ridgid Trucks

Rigid trucks are usually 3 axle (6-wheelers) or 4 axel (8 wheelers) and fitted with a flat bed witha heavy duty Crane mounted behind the cab or at the rear. The chassis layout depending on the machinery type usually moved and if the crane is just used to unload or to assist installing the machinery. Cranes can be up to 100ton/metre capacity with booms up to 20m long

Articulated tractors and trailers
Scania 164G Nooteboom machinery Fassi crane at Welland 2010 - IMG 8324

A Scania 164G with Nooteboom machinery trailer fitted with Fassi crane

Nooteboom trailer Fassi crane at welland 2010IMG 8328

Machinery trailer by Nooteboom fitted with Fassi crane

Artic tractor units can be used to just pull a Semi-trailer semi low loader which is fitted with a crane on the neck or at the rear. Other operators fit the crane to the tractor unit and use it as a mobile crane to load and offload the machinery and then install it on site. depending on the size of crane the tractor unit can be equipped with up to 4 axels due to the weight of the crane. Trailers can be a std step frame semi low loader or they may be extending multi axel units.

To comply with local laws and codes they are usually custom built for the tpye of job the contractor undertakes as axle layouts have to be optimised to aviod overloading. modern suspension with airbags and lift axels alows some adjustment to assist loading and also cusion delicate loads such as some process plant and machinery. machinery is often built in module to fit the trailer & crane capacity and pass through doorways etc so that it does not need to run under STGO rules with an escort vehicle and on designated routes if possible. Some trailers are fitted wit removable canvas bodies to protect the load and allow loading by overhead crane.

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