MF 701 Baler - rearside -P8100530

A early MF 701 baler behind a David Brown tractor at Driffield Steam rally

MF 701 baler (side) at Belvoir 09 - IMG 8684

A tidy (original) MF 701 baler on show at Belvoir Castle show 2009

The MF 701 Baler was an early model trailed baler that was originally a Massey-Harris model. The baler is fitted with a Armstrong Siddeley single cylinder diesel engine to drive the baler as early tractors had no PTO or were of inadequate power to drive it. The optopn of a V.O engine or PTO drive was offered on the Massey Ferguson versions.


The price in 1959 was (from a 1959 MF UK price list)[1]:

  • PTO driven - & 690
  • V.O engine - £ 790
  • Diesel engine - £ 845


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  1. The Massey Legacy V I by J Farnworth, page 366

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