MB trac 1000 at Lincoln - P8170484

A MB Trac 1000 seen at the Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally

The WF Trac (originally MB Trac) is a tractor developed by Mercedes-Benz based on their Unimog platform, built between 1973 and 1991. Manufacture has since been by Werner Forst- und Industrietechnik (Werner foresting and industrial technology) in Trier, Germany.


The Unimog idea was quite successful, except as originally intended as an agricultural platform. Daimler Benz produced a new vehicle in 1972, the MB Trac to be more oriented to larger scale mechanical farming. The new tractor crossed the Unimog technology of all-wheel drive and a power transmission to four large equal-sized wheels, with the appearance of a tractor: slim hood, behind it an angular, highly rising driver cab. In contrast to conventional tractors, the cab is situated between the axles, similar to large "four wheel drive" wheel loader - however, the steering is not by an articulated front and rear section, but with a normal steerable front axle, unlike most manufacturers of high HP tractors.

From the initial MB-trac 65 and MB-trac 70 models (later the 700), a broad platform developed up to the heavy duty MT-trac 1800 within a few years. Nevertheless, the MB-trac was not a huge sales success. Daimler Benz later merged the MB-trac with the agricultural machinery activities of Deutz AG. The manufacturing of the MB-trac series then ended in 1991, when the production was taken over by Werner. 41,000 vehicles were produced of the original MB Trac, 30,000 are believed still to be in service.

Werner produces the WF-Trac in three engine variants; it is still sold and maintained by the Unimog dealership network. It is focused less on farming, but more to the forestry sector.

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Model no. Power
Baureihe 440:
MB Trac 65/MB Trac 70 (65 hp)
MB Trac 700 (68 hp)
MB Trac 700 S/K (65 hp)
MB Trac 700 /K (68/80 hp)
MB Trac 800 (72/75/78 hp)
MB Trac 900 (85 hp)
MB Trac 900 Turbo (85/90 hp)
Baureihe 441:
MB Trac 1000 (95/100 hp)
MB Trac 1100 (110 hp)
Baureihe 442:
MB Trac 1100 (110 hp)
Baureihe 443:
MB Trac 1100 (110 hp)
MB Trac 1300 (125 hp)
MB Trac 1300 Turbo (125 hp)
MB Trac 1400 Turbo (136 hp)
MB Trac 1500 (150 hp)
MB Trac 1600 Turbo (156 hp)
MB Trac 1800 Intercooler (180 hp)


Werner offers the WF-Trac in three engine variants based on the Mercedes OM904LA motor without further naming distinctions:

  • WF Trac (136 hp)
  • WF Trac (150 hp)
  • WF Trac (177 hp)

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