Founded 1997
Headquarters Minsk, Belarus
Products trucks
Parent MAZ, MAN

In 1997 together with concern MAZ, MAN set up a joint Belarusian-German company JSC "MAZ-MAN", Minsk, in which by 1998 had established full-scale production of heavy vehicles using the car and engine production MAN and MAZ. One of the priorities of the enterprise is the production of tractors for the international carriage with wheel formula 4x2 and 6x4, suitable for use in Europe and meet all European requirements. The production of flatbed trucks, dump trucks, front-end loaders. Based on the MAZ-MAN has launched production of concrete mixers, fueling vehicles, etc.

Production of the Belarusian-German company demonstrated the advantage of technology created by taking into account the achievements and experience automakers two countries. Having comparable to European models in its class quality products MAZ-MAN on average 30 percent cheaper foreign-made cars. Currently 98% of MAZ-MAN comply with Euro-3.

In 2004, the joint venture was made 272 car, which is 45% higher than 2003. At the same time in 2003, output in comparison with 2002 has increased by 50%.

28 November 2005 MAZ-MAN "sold to consumers in 1000 the first tractor MAZ-MAN.


MAZ-MAN truck

MAZ-MAN tipper


  • MAZ-MAN 540546 4x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 540548 4x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 540549 4x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 540558 6x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 540559 6x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 543268 4x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 640168 6x2 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 642268 6x4 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 642548 6x4 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 642549 6x4 truck tractor
  • MAZ-MAN 632044 6x4 chassis
  • MAZ-MAN 652036 6x4 Dump truck
  • MAZ-MAN 652546 6x4 Dump truck
  • MAZ-MAN 652548 6x4 Dump truck

Wheeled LoadersEdit

MAZ-MAN bme1560


  • MAZ-MAN BME 1560
  • MAZ-MAN BME 1565
  • MAZ-MAN BME 1560-01

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