MAN TGX 33.680 V8 XXL 6X4/2 TRACTOR TRAILER with Semi-lowloaderGCW:160tons


MAN TGX 26.440 XLX6X2/4 BLS VLA TRACTOR TRAILER with ATM-Maaseik TippertrailerGCW:50ton

The MAN TGX/S series is the successor of the MAN TGA series and it must proven of it is the right successor for the popular TGA

The new series was also introduced with a new MAN V8 680hp 16litres engine to succeed the old 660hp 18 litres V10 engine.

The cab is mostly the same as a earlier TGA cab but it's only made more aerodynamic and its have got a new style grill and front bumper.

But in the inside of the cab it made a big difference with the TGA because it has nicer materials and a very new sound system with 4 speakers two tweeters and a big subwoofer as standard.

The range

MAN TGX/S series modelsEdit

3 types of engines

11.4litres 6cyinder commonrail turbodiesel from 320,360, 400, 440 HP, 1750, 1900, 2100NM of Torque

12.9litres Commonrail Turbo diesel from 480 and 540 HP, 2300 and 2500NM of torque

18Litres V8 Commonrail TurboDieses 680 HP 3000NM of torque(In combination with WSK440? than 2700NM of Torque.)

6 Types of cabs

M Daycab

L Small sleepercab

LX smallHighroofsleepercab

XL lowroof Sleepercab

XLX Highroof Sleepercab

XXL extra Highroof SleeperCab

There is an 4th option: An indupol Ultra Luxary and HighRoof

Multiple chassis and axles configurations available: from an 4x2 carrier to an 10x4 HD Tractor

2 type of gearboxes: MAN/ZF 16S manual gearbox or an MAN Tipmatic®/ZF AS-TRONIC 12speeds(with or without Offroad function)

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