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MAN TGA 49.480 10x8 specially made for Dutch market GVW is 50 Ton

The MAN TG-A and TGA series are the successor of the MAN FE series and when MAN AG first introduced this range it has for MAN a complete new cabin type with a modern interior and exterior and also completely new engines. This range was manufactured from 2002 till 2008. When the MAN TGS/TGX series replaced it.

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The range has many different types of cabins: small versions: Daycabin; M sleepercab: L and HighroofSleeper: LX and Width versions; Sleepercab: XL, ExtraHighroofsleepercab:XXL. later came also the normal highroofsleepercab XLX

The range has also different types of engines:

  • 11.3 and 12.1 litres 6 cylinder engines and a 18 litres V10 engine
  • 11.3L 6-Cylinder commonrail turbodiesel with 360, 390, 410, 430 BHP and later with 380, 400, 440BHP
  • 12.1L 6-cylinder commonrail turbodiesel with 460 or 530BHP and Later with 480 or 540 BHP
  • 18L V10 turbo Diesel with 660BHP

There were also a lot of axle and chassis configuration available from an 4x2 upto a 10x8 for the Dutch market rated at 50 ton gross.

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