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MAN Lion's City
MVG 015 Schloss Broich.jpg
A23 in Mülheim an der Ruhr
Manufacturer MAN Nutzfahrzeuge
Built at German
Floor type low-floor
Doors 1 to 4 doors
Options Various customer options

A21 in Oslo

ORN Lion’s City GÜ at westside of Mainz Mainstation.

Lion’s City DD in Berlin

MAN Lion's City is a city bus built by the German truck and bus manufacturer MAN Nutzfahrzeuge since 2000. A new generation was launched in 2004.

It has a 6-cylinder turbocharged straight engine which runs on diesel, compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. Versions with hydrogen fuel cell[1] drive and with hydrogen internal combustion engines[2] have been successfully tested, as well as diesel-electric hybrid drive, and the latter is due to enter serial production in 2010[3].

The latest generation of Neoplan Centroliner is based on the Lion's City (Neoplan is a part of the NEOMAN group).


  • Lion's City M (different types available) - midibus, 8.6 m to 10.5 m
  • Lion's City (also designated as A21 and NL xx3) - standard single decker, 12 m
  • Lion's City C - long single decker, 13.7 m
  • Lion's City L (known as Lion's City LL until late 2009, also designated as A26 and NL xx3-15m) - long single decker, 14.7 m
  • Lion's City G (also designated as A23 and NG xx3) - articulated single decker, 18 m
  • Lion's City GL (also designated as A23 and NG xx3) - articulated single decker, 18.75 m
  • Lion's City GXL - articulated long (4-axle) single decker, 20.45 m
  • Lion's City DD (also designated as A39 and ND xx3) - double decker, 13.73 m
  • Lion's City Ü (also designated as A20 and NÜ xx3) - intercity single decker
  • Lion's City ÜLL (also designated as A25 and NÜ xx3-15m) - long intercity single decker
Low-entry versions
  • Lion's City LE (known as Lion's City T until 2008, also designated as A78 and EL xx3) - city
  • Lion's City LE Ü (known as Lion's City TÜ until 2008, also designated as A78 and EL xx3) - intercity

Electric Versions

Hybrid Electric

MAN AG Bus sells the plenibus Lion's City Hybrid, which uses supercapacitors and two 67 kW electric motors. Hybrid electric buses offer increased efficiency in urban traffic and use 30% less fuel than combustion-only buses.[4]. The sizes are 12 m, 13.7 m and up to 18.75 m.

The Lion's City Hybrid is used in Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, San Sebastián, Seville, Valladolid, Lisbon and Oporto.


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