Atlas lorry mounted crane 1403 A7 from 1990 IMG 6191small

A typical Lorry loader crane by Atlas

Palfinger lorry mounted crane (HD) at GDSF IMG 1034

A Modern heavy duty Lorry crane used to erect a fairground ride

A Lorry loader crane (also called a knuckle-boom crane or articulating crane ) is a hydraulically-powered articulated arm fitted to a truck or trailer, and is used for loading/unloading the vehicle. The numerous jointed sections can be folded into a small space when the crane is not in use. One or more of the sections may be telescopic. The latest models of this type of crane will have a degree of automation and be able to unload or stow itself without an operator's control.

Unlike most cranes, the operator must move around the vehicle to be able to view his load; hence modern cranes may be fitted with a portable cabled or radio-linked servo control system to supplement the crane-mounted hydraulic control levers.

In the UK and Canada, this type of crane is almost invariably known colloquially as a "HIAB", partly because the manufacturer HIAB invented the loader crane and was first into the UK market, and partly because the distinctive name was displayed prominently on the boom arm.

A rolloader' crane is a loader crane mounted on a chassis with wheels. This chassis can ride on the trailer. Because the crane can move on the trailer, it can be a lighter crane, so the trailer is allowed to transport more goods. Most often seen on Brick & block transport trailers. These are usually fitted with a special grab that grips the bottom of the pack and eliminated the use of pallets.


Hiab 250 crane on tractor unit - DSC00065

Tractor unit mounted HIAB crane used for loading machinery for transport

  • Lorry loading & unloading
  • Container & portable Unit installation
  • Streetworks fitted with a clamshell grab
  • Machinery installation & moving Often mounted on special low trailers.


Similar cranesEdit

County 764 sn x - OYH 598R Fiskers 5000 crane at Corbridge 2010 - IMG 8727

Tractor fitted with timber crane

Main article: Timber cranes

Forestry contractors use similar hydraulic cranes mounted directly on tractor or fitted to trailers for loading and in somecases felling timber (when fitted with a special cutter head & grab).

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