Long combine
Long combine b&w
Model history
Model introduced Unknown
Model discontinued Unknown
Superseded by Unknown
Fuel type diesel
Power hp Unknown
Transmission type Unknown
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Fuel type diesel
Other info
Factories Tarboro, North Carolina, USA
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LongAgri of Tarboro, North Carolina, USA, built or imported combines in the 1960s/1970s. This is one example:

This is a combine from Poland, named FMŻ Bizon Z055 America, Long company buy 220 this combines in 1975. And thyre was named in USA as a Long combine, the same models has been exported to Sweden but in red colour (USA bought them painted in blue colour) and many of them has been imported from Sweden back to Poland and work here.

Sorry for my english, I'm from Poland:)

Engine in this combine is on license of Leyland-Andoria SW 400r3 100HP/115HP with turbo, 6 cyl inline, 6,5 litres.

3 speed transmission with wariator (something like automatic transmission for more or less speed on every gear)

Headers for corn or wheat

I very need some picture from USA of a blue Bizon combine, even if its a trash, because here in Poland we dont have any pictures or informations about this machines, how they survive, but we are very interested about them.

This is a example of Bizon Z055 America imported back from Sweden to Poland


Combines being loaded on a ship in Poland, transport for USA


Combines transported to the ship, Poland 1975. On the destination plate is writted Tarboro Nort Carolina, USA


If enyone has some information about this combines or photos i'll be very glad to see them

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