This is a list of truck manufacturers by region. 'Trucks' are correctly referred to as commercial vehicles.

Worldwide rankingsEdit

Ranking of largest manufacturers in the world as of 2007,
over 16 tons GVW in 2005.[1][Entry need details checking]
1 Isuzu478,535

Isuzu Truck

2 Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner Trucks, Unimog, Western Star, Mitsubishi Fuso)446,128

Daimler Truck

3 Volvo Group (Volvo, Mack, Renault, UD Nissan Diesel)341,875
Renault Magnum-Palifor (B)-2004

Volvo's subsidiary Renault Magnum Truck

4 Toyota Group (Hino Motors)240,038

Hino Motors truck

5 Hyundai Group (Hyundai)159,237Image needed LHB

6 Tata Group (Tata Motors, Tata Daewoo)157,781Image needed LHB

7 Fiat Group (Iveco, Magirus, Astra, Seddon Atkinson, Yuejin)127,542
Iveco Stralis - Lamma 2011 - IMG 6130

Iveco Stralis in sister company New Holland livery

8 PACCAR (DAF Trucks, Kenworth, Leyland Trucks, Peterbilt)126,960
Kenworth tractor unit at Lymswold - P7270153

A Paccar group Kenworth tractor unit

9 Volkswagen Group (Scania, Volkswagen (VWN)) 110,617
Scania porteur benne tp

A Scania 6x4 Tipper

10 Ford Motor Company95,596
MHV Ford F650 2008 01

Ford F-650

11 MAN (Volkswagen Truck and Bus)92,485
MAN TGX 26440 bls XLX

MAN TGX 26.440

12 Navistar International70,839

2010 International LoneStar Tractor

13 General Motors33,042
'96-'02 GMC Savana 2500 Cutaway (Byward Auto Classic)

1996–2002 GMC Savana 2500 cutaway

14 GAZ30,105Image needed LHB

15 Autocar Trucks 2,500 Image needed LHB
Calendar 2015 sq b

Autocar ACX Truck

By Region (country) Edit



A military-type light truck, used for troop transport, and now for safari trips


Canberra ASL-08

Hino garbage truck

Australia & New ZealandEdit


Scania R500

  • Volvo (Australia)
  • Mack (Australia)
  • Iveco (different models for Australian market)
  • International (Australia - formerly International Harvester Corp. Australia, Now a division of IVECO has been building trucks and agricultural equipment in Australia since 1903)[2]
  • Kenworth (different models for Australian market)
  • Oka (truck variants of traditional models)


Foden steamlorry astlepark

Foden Coal-fired steam lorry at Astlepark Steam Rally

Scania porteur benne tp

A heavy Scania dump truck in France

MOL - mobilni obalni lanser (3)

Military truck Tatra T815

 Berliet Tramagal Portugal 1960s to 1990s

North AmericaEdit

American truck blue

U.S. Peterbilt truck - in UK

Truck VolvoVN780

Volvo VNL780, U.S.A.

Heavy tow truck

Kenworth heavy recovery/tow truck

Main article: List of American truck manufacturers

South AmericaEdit

A to Z listingEdit

A list in ABC order of minor makers & brands

Brand Country Production years misc
Adams UK 1903-1906
Babcock Electric Carriage Company USA 1911-1912
Cadogan England 1904-?
DAT Japan 1926-1932
Eimco USA 1957 > ?
Fairbanks USA 1906-1911
Galloway USA 1911
Handi-Kar USA 1914
Independent USA Several companies used this brand
Jaccard USA 1911
Kankakee USA 1918-1920
La Crosse USA 1914
MMcCarron USA 1927-1929
N country year
O country year
P country year
Q country year
R country year
S country year
T country year
U country year
V country year
W country year
X country year
Y country year
Z (company) Czechoslovakia 1927-1932
xyz company country Years notes

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