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Country Automobile Name Manufacturer Engine Make/Capacity Seats Year Other information
Japan JapanAuto SandalJapan Auto Sandal Motors, Tokyo, Mitsubishi 349 cc 2 1954 [1][2][3]
Japan JapanCony 360 CoachAichi Machine Industry Co Ltd, Nagoya 354 cc 1952-1967 [1]
Japan JapanCony GuppyAichi Machine Industry Co Ltd, Nagoya 199 cc 2 1952-1967 [1]
Japan JapanDaihatsu BeeDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu 540 cc 1951- [1]
Japan JapanDaihatsu FellowDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu 356 cc 1967-1977 [1]
Japan JapanDaihatsu Fellow MaxDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu 547 cc 1977-1989 [1]
Japan JapanDaihatsu MiraDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu 660 cc 1980- [1]
Japan JapanDaihatsu Midget IDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu ZA 250 cc 1 1957-
Japan JapanDaihatsu Midget IIDaihatsu Kogyo Co Ltd, Ikeda, Osaka Daihatsu EF 660 cc 1 1996-
Japan JapanFlying FeatherSuminoe Seisakusho, Kyoto 350 cc 2 1955ja:住江製作所・フライングフェザー
Japan JapanFuji CabinFuji Motors Corp, TokyoGasuden 125 cc
5.5 hp (4 kW)
21957-1958[1][4] See also fi:Fuji Cabin, Fuji Cabin
Japan JapanHonda CanopyHonda49 cc1
Japan JapanHonda S360Honda356 cc2 1962 sports car Not sold
Japan JapanHonda S500Honda531 cc2 1963 sports car
Japan JapanHonda S600Honda606 cc2 1964 sports car
Japan JapanHonda N360Honda354 cc4 1967
Japan JapanHonda T360Honda356 cc
2 1963small utility truck
Japan JapanMazda R360Mazda356 cc2 1961
Japan JapanMazda CarolMazdawater-cooled
OHV 358 cc
4 1962
Japan JapanMitsuoka BuBuMitsuokaToyama50 cc11982
Japan JapanMitsuoka K-1(MC-1)MitsuokaToyama50 cc11998
Japan JapanMitsuoka K-2Mitsuoka50 cc11998
Japan JapanMitsuoka K-3Mitsuoka50 cc12005
Japan JapanMitsuoka K-4Mitsuoka50 cc12006
Japan JapanSubaru 360Subaru356 cc41958(Imported to the US in considerable numbers.)
Japan JapanTiger Truck small utility truck
Japan JapanMitsubishi Minica
Japan Japan Vantage various models, small utility trucks


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