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Country Automobile Name Manufacturer Engine Make/Capacity Seats Year Other information
Argentina Argentina Corvill Pick Up Casa Biaghetti S.R.L., Rosario, Santa Fe Bailphac 350 cc 3 1962-1963 [1]
Argentina Argentina De Carlo 200 'Minicar' Metalmecánica S.A.C José C. Paz, Buenos Aires 200 cc 2 1959[2] [3]
Argentina Argentina Dinámica 60 Juan Montero e Hijo S.C.I. y F. Rosario, Santa Fe DKW 192 cc 3 1960-1962[4] [5]
Argentina Argentina Dinarg D-200 Dinámica Industrial Argentina SA, Córdoba Sachs LRD 200 191 cc 2+2 1959-1969 [6][7]
Argentina Argentina Fiat 600 Fiat Concord S.A.C.I., Buenos Aires Fiat 633 cc 4 1960-1962 [6][8]
Argentina Argentina IAMA Joseso I.A.M.A. Castelar, Buenos Aires Villiers 200 cc 2 1959-1960[9] [10]
Australia Australia Edith Gray & Harper Pty, Melbourne Villiers 197 cc 2 1953-1957 Using a 197cc rear mounted Villiers engine, a 4-speed gearbox and independent suspensionon all wheels, the Edith was produces in small numbers with about twelve 3-wheelers and four 4-wheelers were made. The low-slung aluminum 2-seater had a claimed top speed of 58mph and a claimed economy of 95mpg. [6]
Australia Australia Goggomobil Dart Buckle Motors Pty Ltd, Sydney 300 cc or 400 cc 2 1959-1962 Fibreglass body with imported Goggomobil components from Glas in Dingolfing, Germany[11]
Australia Australia Lightburn Zeta Lightburn, Adelaide Villiers 324 cc or Sachs 493 cc (roadster model only) 2 1964-1965 Sedan, Roadster and Utility models made.
Austria Austria Felber Autoroller A. Felber & Co, Vienna Rotax 398 cc 2 1952-1953 [6][12]
Austria Austria Haflinger Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeug GmbH, Steyr 646 cc 2 1959-1974 Light weight Four-wheel drive vehicle
Austria Austria Libelle Innsbruck 2 1954
Austria Austria Möve Vienna Based on Felber Autoroller rolling chassis


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