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  • Yanmar tractors have been manufactured since 1967 beginning in Japan.
  • Yanmar de Brasil was established in 1957 to build diesel engines, with tractors being later added. In 2002, a controlling stake was purchased in Yanmar de Brasil by Agritech Lavrale LTDA, part of Francisco Stedile Group. The tractors were renamed Yanmar Agritech or just Agritech, and joined the Agritech Lavrale group along with the Agrale brand of tractors.
  • Tractors were introduced to the USA in 1979 through as Yanmar Tractor USA through a joint venture with Mitsui & Co. LTD.[1]
  • In 1999, Yanmar Agricultural Equipment (China) Co was established.
  • In 2008, a joint venture was formed in the USA with MTD to build compact and utility tractors in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was called C. U. T. Supply Company LLC and would built Cub Cadet Yanmar tractors. This continued until 2001, when Yanmar assumed full control of the partnership, and renamed the brand to just Yanmar, but continuing with Cub Cadet Yanmar's yellow and black color scheme.
  • In 2011, Yanmar opened a tractor factory in Thailand called Yanmar S.P. CO., LTD..
  • In addition, Yanmar has built compact, sub-compact and utility tractors for John Deere for several years.


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Yanmar has built tractors for John Deere and Zen-Noh

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