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A large Number of Tractor Parts Suppliers have grown to supply the market for Preserved tractors and collectors of old tractors. A lot are supplying new Copies of parts no longer available from The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Some are licensed by the manufacturers to supply parts, others are from the original supplier to the tractor manufacturer. As demand for parts has grown it has become economical to build new tooling to make the parts, or in other case the tools have been bought from the original factories when shut down.

Some far sighted Enthusiast's bought the entire stock and records of defunct manufacturing operations, Complete with all the build records. They have also over the years bought up dealer stock, at clearance sales.

Other Dealers had arrangements with the manufactures to take large quantities of mixed spares from defunct model (lines) of machines as the manufactures reduced their parts stock holding to allow for new models parts.

There are a range of suppliers of OEM specificaton service parts for older models available for common models and makes.

Caterpillar , will still supply parts for there oldest models. For some major parts when demand builds up they will manufacture a new batch.

With Tyres there are specialists who will arrange for odd obsolete sizes to be manufactured, subject to a minimum order qty being pre ordered.

For dealers selling complete Tractors see :List of Tractor Dealers

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