The Ransomes name was used on a vast variety of Agricultural machinery sold around the world. Some of these products were just badged for certain markets and were built by other firms.

This list is an index to link to article on individual product groups or items, with a basic summary of the products produced by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies. As the list grows it will need splitting into product groups or time periods.

Main product groupsEdit

Cultivation equipmentEdit


Harvesting machineryEdit

Ransomes A54 Heavy Duty Thresher - 1945 at Old Warden 09 - IMG 1399

A restored Ransomes thresher at the Old Warden Steam Rally 2009

Internal combustion engined tractorsEdit

Military machineryEdit

During WW II R,S & J built equipment for the Armed forces.

Mowers & Grass machineryEdit

Ransomes were one of the early builders of Lawn mowers in the UK licensing the Edwin Budding designed machine in 1832.

  • Ransomes Mowers - a vast number of models for domestic & commercial applications build over a 150 year period.

Oil enginesEdit

Other machineryEdit

Pest controlEdit


Ransomes started making plough parts in the 1800's. A vast rang of trailed then mounted models were built over nearly 200 years.

Ransomes Plough range
Model Number Type Date introduced no of furrows Photo notes
Summary list of models (please expand)
Ransomes TSF-200 range Mounted - adjustable furrow width  ? 4F Ransomes TSF-200-4F ploughIMG 3569 Sold by Ford
Ransomes TSR range -  ? 4F-? DSC00690 reversible
Ransomes TS range Mounted  ?  ? RANSOMES TS 90
Ransomes Motrac range trailed 1927  ? Image needed LHB
Ransomes Hexatrac range trailed  ?  ? Image needed LHB For crawler tractors
Ransomes Weetrac mounted  ?  ? Image needed LHB Firt RSJ mounted model
Ransomes Rifffler plough -  ?  ? Image needed LHB
Ransomes FR PM -  ?  ? Image needed LHB Mounted plough for Fordson tractors
Ransomes TD17 -  ?  ? Image needed LHB Disc plough
Ransomes model range -  ?  ? Image needed LHB

Root crop equipmentEdit

Steam EnginesEdit

For Product details on steam engines, see Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies.

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