Norton 850 Commando 1973

This is a list of Norton branded motorcycles over all periods of the marque from 1908 to the present day.

Model listEdit

Pre-War (1908 - 1939)Edit

Model Engine Years Notes
Big Four (Model 1) 633cc single 1907-1954 A 475cc model was also made at some point
Model 7 (BS) 490cc sv 1914-1922 Brooklands Special
Model 8 (BRS) 490cc 1914-1922 Brooklands Road Special
Model 9(TT) 490cc 1912-1923 Belt-drive
Model 3½ 490cc sv 1911-1918 Side-valve, became the Model 16 in 1919
Model 16 490cc sv 1919-1920 Chain drive
Norton 16H 490cc sv 1921-1954
Model 18 490cc ohv 1922-1954 Roadster
Model 19 588cc ohv 1926-1939 Increased to 596cc in 1933
CS1 490cc ohc 1928-1939 CS stands for camshaft. 1928-30 were the Cricket Bat Motors. 1930s models were the Arthur Carroll designed motors.
ES2 490cc ohv 1928-1939 ES stands for Extra (cost) Sport - and 2 for the second version of the engine
CJ 348cc ohc 1929-1939 Junior version of the CS1
JE 348cc ohv 1929-1939 Junior version of the ES2
Model 20 490cc 1930-1939 Two-port ohv version of the Model 18
Model 22 490cc 1930-1931 Two-port ohv version of the model ES2
Norton International Model 30 490cc ohc 1932-1939
International Model 40 348cc ohc 1932-1939
Model 50 OHV 348cc ohv 1933-1939
Model 55 348cc ohv 1933-1939 Twin port version of model 50

War time (1937 - 1945)Edit

Model Engine Years Notes
WD 16H 490cc sv
WD Big Four 633cc sv Sidecar Outfit

Post-War (1945 - 1970)Edit

Model Engine Years Notes
16H 490cc sv 1946-1954
Model 18 490cc single 1946-1954
Model 19S 596cc single 1955-1958 Model 19R only 1955
Big Four 633cc sv 1947-1954 596cc as from 1948
Model 500T 500cc 1949-1954 Could also be supplied with a 350cc engine
ES2 490cc single 1947 - 1964
ES2 MK 2 490cc single 1964 - 1966
Model 50 OHV 348cc 1955-1958 Popular single with featherbed frame from 1959 popular for Triton conversion
Model 50 OHV MK 2 348cc 1964-1966
International Model 30 490cc 1947-1958
International Model 40 348cc 1947-1958
Manx Model 30 498cc ohc 1946-1963
Manx Model 40 348cc ohc 1946-1963
Model 7 497cc twin 1949-1956 First Norton Twin Motorcycle, designed by Bert Hopwood
Model 77 497cc 1950-1952 A rigid framed version of the Model 7, supplied only to the Australian market.
Model 77 596cc 1957-1958 Built mainly for sidecar use
Dominator 88 497cc 1952-1963 Same engine as a model 7 but in a featherbed frame
Dominator 99 596cc 1956-1962
Norton Jubilee 250cc 1958-1966
Navigator 350cc 1960-1965
Electra ES400 400cc 1963-1965 Enlarged Navigator with electric start
Atlas 745cc 1962-1968 Norton Atlas Scrambler was an off road variation
650 Sports Special 650cc 1964-1968 Became the Mercury in 1968
Mercury 650cc 1968-1970
P11A 750cc 1967-1968 Atlas engine in a scrambles frame, became the Ranger in 1968
Ranger 750cc 1968-
N15 750cc 1967-1968 The N15 was a Norton engine in a Matchless frame; the Matchless G15 was essentially the same motorcycle.

Superbike era (1967 - 1978)Edit

Main article: Norton Commando

Norton Commando models used Isolastic suspension and had 745 cc ("750") engines up to 1973 when the 828 cc ("850") engine came into use.

Model Years Notes
Commando Fastback 1967-1973 Just called "Norton Commando" until 1969
Commando Roadster 1970-1975 750cc 1970-73, 850cc 1973-1975. Targeted for the American market
Commando Interpol 1970-1976 Produced for police force use
Commando Hi-rider 1971-1975 Targeted for American market
Commando Production Racer 1971- Special high-compression engine
Commando Interstate 1972-1975 750cc 1972-73, 850cc 1973-75
Commando Combat 1972 came with "double S" steep cam, made in both Roadster and Interstate form

Rotary period (1981 - 1992)Edit

Model Years Notes
Interpol 2 P41
Classic P43
Commander P52 police model, P53 civilian model
F1 P55
F1 Sport P55B


Holliday, Bob (1976). Norton Story. Cambridge: Patrick Stephens Limited. ISBN 0-85059-246-1

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