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This Page is a listing of International Harvester produced tractors.

The list is basically to provide links to articles related to the individual models. Brief Details of when built and were can be added, but for more detail information create a separate article - using title of the format - Make Modelnumber (if Unsure how to create the article please write the details here at the bottom of the page and leave a message on the talk page to request a new article) and add a wiki link here in the list).

This List is based on the Wikipedia one, But with more models for UK market added. But its not a definitive list yet so please add any missing models. Commercial vehicles (trucks) are in a separate list.


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Early modelsEdit

IH Mogul 20 sn BC4327-bath-IMG 4908

A International Harvester Mogul 10-20 a 20 hp at Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

International 8-16 Junior sn IC 16615 at Onslow Park 09 - IMG 6769

A International 8-16 Junior of 1922 seen at Onslow Park Steam Rally 2009

McCormick Deering at Holcot

A McCormick-Deering with with original lugged rear wheels and modern pneumatic front tyres added.

IH Farmall F-20-at Bath-IMG 4915

An original preserved Farmall F-20 (UK tractor from new) at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

IH Cub with cultivator - P8170580

A IH Farmall Cub with centre mounted cultivator at Lincoln Steam Rally 2008

A few have been imported into the UK (Most being recent imports)

IHC (early models branded only with the company initials)

Australian ModelsEdit

  • McCormick International AW-6 (Kero, wide front)
  • McCormick International Super AW-6 (Kero, wide front)
  • McCormick International Super AWD-6 (Diesel, wide front)
  • AM (Kero, wide front)
  • Farmall Super AM (Kero, row crop)
  • Farmall Super AMD (Diesel, row crop)
  • Farmall AM-7 (Kero, row crop)
  • Farmall AMD-7 (Diesel, row crop)
  • McCormick International AW-7 (Kero, wide front)
  • McCormick International AWD-7 (Diesel, wide front)
  • McCormick International AOS-6 (Kero, wide front orchard tractor)
  • McCormick International A514
  • McCormick International A554 (Kero, wide front)
  • McCormick International A554 (Diesel, wide front)
  • Farmall A554 (Diesel, row crop)
  • McCormick International A564 (Diesel, wide front)
  • Farmall A564 (Diesel, row crop)

Australian-built UK ModelsEdit

  • McCormick International A414

Australian-built US ModelsEdit

  • Farmall M (Kero)

French-built modelsEdit

German-built modelsEdit

International D-217 sn NTB27269 - 941 UXU at Duncombe Park 2010 - IMG 5391

A German built McCormick D-217 at Duncombe Park Steam Rally 2010

UK Models, grouped by upgrade (1956-1973)Edit

McCormick-Deering BWD 6

IH McCormick Super BWD-6 Diesel (unrestored) at Bromyard show 2008

Farmall BMD

IH Farmall BMD of 1952 s/n 522 (only the 22nd built at Doncaster)

(UK built versions of M & W series branded "International Bxx)

BM range
BW range
Number series (British built)
International B250 at Sandbach

A International B250 at Sandbach Transport Festival 2008

International B-275 at Driffield-P8100522

International B275 at Driffield show

International B414 at Driffield-P8100542

A International B414 at Driffield Steam rally

International B 614

International B614 at Bromyard show 2008

US Models Edit

McCormick-Deering (1923-1940)Edit

McCormick-Deering Farmall and Farmall F-series (1924-1939)Edit

McCormick-Deering and International Unstyled Standard, Orchard, Industrial Series (1932-1940)Edit

McCormick Farmall and International Cub Series (1947-1979)Edit

McCormick-Deering Farmall, McCormick Farmall, and International Letter Series (1939-1954)Edit

Farmall model M

A Farmall M in unrestored in "as found condition" at Bromyard show 2008

Styled Standard, Orchard, Rice Special, Industrial Series (1939-1954)Edit

IH Farmall W9

IH McCormick W-9 at Bromyard show 2008

4 Series Diesel-Powered CompactsEdit

Hundred series Edit

McCormick Farmall row-crop and high clearance, International utility, standard, industrial

30-50 Series Edit

40-60 Series Edit

04-06 Series Edit

International 706 at Holcot

International 706 in virtually off farm condition (unrestored) at Holcot steam fair 2008

International 806 sn 7197 s-y at Bath-IMG 4945

International 806 sn 7197 s-y at Bath and Southwest Tractor show 2009

24 Series Edit

44 Series Edit

26-56 Series Edit

54 Series (Worldwide) Edit

64 Series (Worldwide) Edit

66-68 Series Edit

74 Series Edit

83 Series Edit

84 Series Edit

"Hi-Performer" line up launched in 1977[2]

86 Series Edit

The Farmall brand was discontinued in 1973, all IH tractors after this date are International.

Hydro Series Edit

International (1974-1985) Edit

IH 885XL reg C64 VJT - at Bath sw - IMG 4962

A Well presented International 885XL looking like it just left the dealers, with an Earlier era Muck spreader at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show in 2009

85XL Series Edit

85 series performer line from 1981 & latter Fieldforce, post 1985 as a CaseIH line.

88 Series Edit

4300 4WD Edit

International Cadet and Cub Cadet lawn and garden tractors (1961-1981) Edit

International Cub Cadet 102

International Cub Cadet 102 at a California tractor show

Crawler TractorsEdit

International Crawlers at Carrington 2010 - IMG 5130

A Line of IH crawlers seen at Carrington Rally 2010,
(l-r) BTD-6, BTD-8, BTD-9, BTD-14, TD-18 ?, and a TD 25 in yellow

British built machines
British models are designated BTD with several differences to US built TD machines
US built Models

Unstyled McCormick-Deering TracTracTors

Styled Crawlers



Loaders, skid steerEdit

The following were marketed as Hustler Compact Loaders:

  •  ? 4120
  •  ? 4130
  •  ? 4140
  •  ? 4150

Case IH merger 1985Edit

Main article: Case IH

Post merger models are listed in a separate article List of Case IH tractors summarized in the Navigation list below;


Main article: International Trucks
This list is derived from the original wikipedia one. (It only covers a few of the vast range of models produced)

Navistar InternationalEdit

The post merger models are listed ?

Military vehiclesEdit

See alsoEdit

References / sourcesEdit

Initial list from wikipedia version.
  1. Tractors of Europe, page 94-97
  2. Classic Tractor Magazine No.75 July 2007
  3. T&M vol.13. no.5

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