There are several collectors with extensive collections that they open to the public.

Collections & MuseumsEdit

  • The Science Museum London has a large collection of 45 (march 2005) (but a lot are in storage).
  • The MERL project has compiled a list of collections and their holdings. Also a list of important machines not held in national collections that it is considers would be desirable to preserve examples of.
  • Museums List
  • Toddington Manor - Gardens and a collection of tractors open to the public. Check opening dates Here
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Combine Harvesters
  • The MERL project has compiled a list of collections and their holdings. Also a list of important machines not held in national collections.
  • There is a Scottish Rural life centre with a large collection.
  • A few collectors have preserved machines, mainly early ones that are used for odd plots or demonstration days occasionally.

List of MuseumsEdit

Main article: museums

With Collections of Steam engines, Old machinery, and Tractors etc.

Private CollectionsEdit

These are extensive collections of machines held by individuals. They are Not open to the public normally , but are often shown to organised (invited) private tours of Enthusiasts & local Collectors clubs. Some have an annual Charity open days. They often exhibit items from their collections at the various shows during the summer. Others just exhibit them at the many classic vehicle and steam shows around the UK and Ireland.

Inclusion - Generally if the owner is a regular exhibitor and has 3 or more tractors or has won trophy's at shows then they are classed as a 'collector' by Tractor Wiki. The main purpose of the collection pages are to showcase their hard work and link the other articles on the individual tractors. The list does not aim to be 100% accurate as collectors buy and sell tractors, and several large collections have been dispersed following the death of the creator. But any additional information is welcome to update the entries and add new ones to ensure greater accuracy.

(if you have more than 2 classic or vintage vehicles you are a collector) !!

Former collectionsEdit

These are collections (mainly private) that have been dispersed (usually on the death of the original collector). Information based on press articles. List is to provide links within individual machines histories. For all vehicles and machinery types featured in Tractor Wiki.

Please expand this list with relevant entries.

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