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The Liner RoughRider dumper family consisted of several models built by Liner Concrete Machinery Company of ?;

Two-wheel drive machines
  • Liner RoughRider 750 - (15 cwt)
  • Liner RoughRider 1250 - (25 cwt)
  • Liner RoughRider 1500 - (30 cwt)
Four-wheel drive machines
  • Liner Marathon 2550 - This machine was developed in conjunction with Loughborough College of Technology and was believed to be the first computer aided designed dumper The machine featured on the television programme "Tomorrows World" presented by Raymond Baxter and team. This was around 1973/74 and the machine had open disc brakes (automotive type) and standard handle starting with either Petter PH2 or Lister SR2 or optional Lister SR3 still with handle starting! (plantmen where tough in those days!)

This was later followed by a new model in the late seventies which specifically featured inboard multidisc brakes and consisted of the Liner RoughRider 2000 and 2250.

'Note' - All liner dumper designations represented kilograms carrying capacity.

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