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Restored John Deere Model MC in the UK

Lindeman was the name associated with early crawler tractor conversions based on John Deere tractors, built by the Lindeman Power Equipment Company of Yakima, Washington.

The early John Deere based crawler conversions were based on the John Deere Model D, by the Lindeman Power Implement Company.[1]

This was followed by about 1700 tractors based on the John Deere Model B some of which were fitted with a blade. The model BO, BR and Bi were also used.

The later John Deere Model MC was the first totally John Deere crawler. This was introduced after Deere purchased Lindeman in 1946. The MC's track unit was design was by Lindeman and the name appeared on the side of the track frames. The MC was based on the John Deere Model M.

The small crawler tractors were popular in the citrus orchards of California were some of the hillsides were step. The early crawler tractors built by Holt and Best who then merged to form Caterpillar Inc. were also popular in California.

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