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Interior of the museum

The Lincolnshire Road Transport Museum is located on a nondescript unit on an industrial estate in the South of Lincoln, England. The museum is a privately run collection of over 65 vehicles relating to the history of road transport in Lincoln, featuring Buses, trucks, cars and transport memorabilia. The collection has been built up by local enthusiasts who are members of the Lincolnshire Vintage Vehicle Society (LVVS).[1]


The collection started with a few individual collectors getting together and forming a club for local enthusiasts in 1959 to preserve local vehicles.[2] Some of the exhibits belong to the trust that was latter formed to look after some exhibits, with others belonging to individuals but on loan to the collection.

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The collection is tightly packed in an industrial unit but is reasonably light with a route marked out to walk round the exhibits. The walls are adorned with smaller exhibits and items like signs and collections of models etc. A couple of 'sets' relating to road transport are also squeezed in.

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The museum is open at weekends during the summer.

Several open days with visiting vehicles are head each year and some of the museums collection visit other events.

The buses are used to provide trips and bring visitors in on event days.

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A visit to the museum & photo collection from the day

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