The Lillywhite collection was a number of Steam engines, Road Rollers and Cars collected by John Lillywhite at his Garage business in Liitlehampton, West Sussex. The machines had been stored away by John from the 1950s when the use of steam was comming to an end and machines were being scraped. The collect was private and not exhibited but some steam enthusiasts were aware of the collections existance.

Some of the items were used originally in Johns business enterprises, and then parked up when he retired. The old Garage was an Aladdin's cave of old motoring memorabilia as well. The Manor Road Garage being a 1920s Art Deco design, one of the few surviving examples. The frontage is listed and will be retained.[1]

John Lillywhite passed away in 1997 and the collection has been dispersed by his son Henry to local enthusiasts to restore the engines and retain them in the Sussex area.[2] The Garage site has since been sold for redevelopment, as much of the surrounding land had been built up over the years.

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The following were in the collection;

Machinery list
Engine no. Date Reg no. Type Size Notes
Marshall no. 77551 1924 HO 6293 S-type roller 10 ton
Marshall no. 73040 1920 BL 2179 Q-Class Traction Engine 6 nhp One of only two surviving Q-Class general purpose engines, and the sole surviving original 3-speed example. Now owned by Michael Webber of Lancing, West Sussex.
Marshall no. 68872 1915 OT 3092 Traction engine 6 nhp Bought by the Hale family of Worthing, Sussex (local collectors).
Marshall no. 55676 1911 HO 5557 Traction engine 7 nhp Now owned by Steve Paxton of Upper Beeding, Sussex.
Marshall no. 85740 1930 PC 1564 S-type Roller 12 ton Bought by the Lugg family of Billingshurst, Sussex, prior owners.
Wallis & Steevens no. 8104 1936 GOR 248 Advance roller 6 ton originally belonged to the MOD. Mr. Lillywhites 1st engine and now owned by Nick Pidgley, West Sussex.
Marshall no. 84562 1929 - Traction engine - sold previously to Harding family of Edenbridge
Wallis & Steevens no. 43781 1942 GHO 804 Motor roller PE/D  ?
Wallis & Steevens no. 58986 1958 UHO 121 Motor roller OG/D  ? Bought new by RGC Lillywhite in 1958 for £800
Austin 12/40 - AKL 429 Car Austin 12/40 Saloon Fate unknown
Austin Somerset - - Car Somerset fate unknown
Ferguson TE20 - - Tractor Ferguson TE20 fitted with loader. (fate unknown)

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