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(Initial Article based on Wikipedia entry, expanded to cover History and Models of construction and mining division)

The Liebherr Group is a German manufacturer established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr, headquartered in Biberach an der Riss, Baden-Württemberg. The Liebherr Group’s holding company is Liebherr-International AG in Bulle, Switzerland, which is entirely owned by members of the Liebherr family. Current-generation family ownership is held by Willi and Isolde Liebherr, listed among the List of billionaires of 2005.

Beginning with the production of affordable tower cranes, Liebherr has expanded to aircraft parts and household appliances. The company is a major supplier to Airbus S.A.S.. Liebherr is also among the producers of the largest mining and digging tools in the world, such as loaders, excavators and extreme-size dump trucks.

Over the years the family business has grown into what is today a group of companies, employing a workforce of approx. 25,000 in more than 100 companies on all continents.

Apparently in December 2004, one German site put Liebherr's dumpers in 1st and 6th place as the world's biggest, while their largest excavator got 5th position (See external links)

Liebherr currently produces one of the world's largest mining trucks, the T 282 B.

Liebherr Recently introduced the new nine-axle model LTM 11200-9.1 which received the prestigious award of Development of the year 2007, for being the world’s most powerful mobile crane, complete with 100-m telescopic boom.

Liebherr has Factories located in many countries: Germany, Britain, Ireland, and the United States to name but a few. The factory in Ireland manufactures container cranes and is located in Killarney. These cranes are exported through the local port of Fenit to ports all over the world.

Liebherr UK oppened a new service center at B in Bedfordshire, to serve the expanding fleets of machine in the UK, with the ability to cope with the larger cranes and machines sold now.


In 1957 Liebherr Started building hydraulic excavators, having built tower cranes for years. The first model being the L-300, which was a wheeled machine on a tricycle undercarriage.

In the 1960s they launched the 900 series, from the R901 up to the R961 of 1968. The Size climbing over the years with the R971, 981, 991 by 1977 was a 180 ton machine with a 10 cu yd bucket, powered by dual Cummins engines giving out 720 hp.

Replaced by the R994 in 1985 which had grown to 1050hp from a single engine and 227 ton, with an upgrade to 1,273 hp and a weight increase to 244 ton.

In 1995 the R996 was released, this being a huge 600 ton machine with 3000 hp from twin Cummins engines to move the 36 yd bucket.This competes with Demag's H485 range or O&K's RH-300 machines.

In 1995 Liebherr introduced Mining Dump trucks to the range by taking other Wiseda of Cardin, Oklahoma a specialist builder of trucks since 1982. The range goes from 200 ton to 360 ton capacity. The Range topping T-282 being a 360 ton capacity monster with a 3200 hp MTU or Cummins engine. the T-272 being introduced in 1998 has a 300 ton capacity and a "Y" shaped chassis, with floating rear wheels in pairs, as opposed to a standard axle design.

Mining and Construction

Model Listing (current)

tracked excavators (R) range
  • L-300 1957
  • R-901 1962 ?
  • R-9xx
  • R-961 1968 2 cu yd weighing in at 36 ton.
  • R-971
  • R-981
  • R-991
  • R-994
  • R-995 440 ton 26 m³
  • R-996 650 ton 36 m³
  • R-984 c 120 ton 10 m³
  • R-9250 250 ton 17 m³
  • R-9350 300 ton 18 m³
Wheeled Excavators (A) range
  • L 506 Stereo
  • L 507 Stereo
  • L 508 Stereo
  • L 509 Stereo
  • L 510 Stereo
  • L 514 Stereo
  • L 524 2plus1
  • L 528 2plus1
  • L 538 2plus1
  • L 542 2plus1
  • L 550 2plus2
  • L 556 2plus2
  • L 566 2plus2
  • L 576 2plus2
  • L 580 2plus2
  • L 586 2plus2
Tracked Loaders (Hydrostatic drive)
  • LR 614
  • LR 624
  • LR 634
Dump Trucks
  • T-282 360 ton
  • T-272 300 ton
  • T- 200 ton
Crawler Tractors (Bulldozers)
  • PR 714 Litronic
  • PR 724 Litronic
  • PR 734 Litronic
  • PR 744 Litronic
  • PR 754 Litronic
  • PR 764 Litronic
  • RL 22 B Litronic
  • RL 42 B Litronic
  • RL 52 Litronic
  • SR 712 BM Litronic (Pipe Welding tractor)*
Crawler cranes
  • HS 825 HD Litronic 43t @ 4m
  • HS 835 HD Litronic
  • HS 845 HD Litronic
  • HS 855 HD Litronic 90ton @ 3.6m
  • HS 875 HD Litronic
  • HS 885 HD Litronic
  • HS 895 HD Litronic 200t @ 5m
Piling rigs
  • LRB 125
  • LRB 155
  • LRB 255
  • LRB 400
  • LRH 200
  • LRH 400
  • LRH 600
  • LB 24 Drilling mc
  • LB 28 Drilling mc
Telescopic Handlers
  • TL 435 - 10 3.5t to 10m
  • TL 435 - 13 3.5t to 13m
  • TL 445 - 10 4.5t to 10m
  • TL 442 - 13 4.2t to 13m

Mobile Cranes Division

(Section requires writing)

  • LTM 1030-2.1 35 ton to 45m lift capacity
  • LTM 11200-9.1 1200 ton to 170m lift capacity
  • LTC 1055-3.1 55 ton to 50m lift capacity city crane

Model Range (Obsolete Machines)

See Also


  • Liebherr web site
  • Colossal Earthmovers by K.Haddock MBI

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