The Leyland Society was formed in 1998 to cater for all those with an interest in the vehicles and history of Leyland Motors Limited (1896-1993).

The society has a Membership of a 1000 +. The society publishes a news letter and Members receive a magazine and other publications. The publications take there names from old Leyland company publications for customers.

  • Leyland Torque - Quarterly Magazine for members
  • Leyland Journal - Annual Magazine for members (free) & public sale

The society also publish information books and reprint older publications via there sales dept. which has a display trailer at events featuring Leyland vehicles. The publications feature fleets and individual model lines of past Leyland vehicles.

Historical records - the society and members have acces to archive information on Leyland, with some members compiling lists of various marques in preservation and build history info. Archive photos are also collected and availble for members in conjunction with the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Lancashire.

  • please use the link on this page to the society for membership.

Events[edit | edit source]

The society organises an annual rally for Leyland Vehicles and also participates in other events featuring classic commercial vehicles.

Contact[edit | edit source]

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