The Leyland Companies Commercial Vehicle operations have go through several different periods, with many mergers, reorganisations and takeovers. The different time periods are covered by several articles, which overlap.

Note: These articles still need work to expand them and give a comprehensive picture of the Leyland Brands history.

'Leyland' Time line of articles
Time period Article title Products related Brands & articles Notes
1896-1907 Leyland Steam Carriage Co. Steam Buses - Start of the Leyland group. Renamed Leyland Motors Ltd in 1907
1907-1968 Leyland Motors Bus & Truck List of Leyland vehicles formerly Leyland Steam Carriage Co.
1962 Aquired AEC (ACV) Bus, Dump Truck, & Trucks List of AEC vehicles Takeover
1968-197? British Leyland Motor Corporation Buses, Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Construction Plant, Engines, Trains, Trucks, etc. too many Created from merger of British Motor Holdings (BMHC) and Leyland Motor Corporation(LMC)
1969 Create Leyland National Buses Brand / JV + build Bristol Buses Created by JV with National Bus Company
1970s Leyland Truck and Bus Division Trucks, Buses, & Tractors Leyland Bus, Leyland Tractors, & Leyland Trucks Reorganisation of BL into divisions
1970s Leyland Special Products five sub-divisions:
# Construction Equipment – Aveling-Barford, Aveling-Marshall, Barfords of Belton and Goodwin-Barsby
# Refrigeration – Prestcold
# Materials Handling – Coventry Climax (incorporating Climax Trucks, Climax Conveyancer and Climax Shawloader)
# Military Vehicles – Alvis and Self-Changing Gears
# Print – Nuffield Press and Lyne & Son
see left Reorganisation of BL into divisions
1978 Form BL Commercial Vehicles (BLCV) division Buses, Engine, Forklifts, Military vehicles, Trucks Leyland (engines), Alvis (military vehicles), Coventry Climax (fork lift trucks and specialist engines), Leyland Vehicles Ltd(trucks, tractors and buses), Self-Changing Gears Limited (heavy-duty transmissions) New division formed to separate out non car operations.
198? Land Rover Leyland Commercial vehicles & 4-Wheel drives Leyland, Land Rover, Range Rover BLCV and Land Rover Group merged
198? sold Leyland tractors Tractors Leyland Tractor Brand Sold to Nicholson Group & renamed Marshall Tractors
1986 Leyland Bus Buses List of Leyland Vehicles Floated off to MBO (then bought by Volvo in 1998
1987 - 1993 Leyland DAF truck & Van producer List of Leyland DAF vehicles Created from DAF NV takeover of the commercial vehicle arm after privatisation of BL Group/ Rover Group and was latterly the Freight Rover arm of the Land Rover Group division.
1993 - 1998 Leyland Trucks Trucks Created by management buy-out
1993 - 2009 LDV Group Limited Vans Sherpa Van, Pilot Van, Cub Van Created from MBO after the Leyland Daf Receivership
1998 - current Leyland Trucks subsidiary of PACCAR Trucks Acquired by PACCAR of the United States and incorporated as the Leyland Trucks subsidiary of that company.

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