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LeTourneau Technologies
Predecessor R.G. LeTourneau, Inc.
Founded 1929
Founder(s) R. G. LeTourneau
Headquarters Longview, Texas, USA
Products construction machinery
Parent Joy Global Inc

The LeTourneau Inc. company was founded by R. G. LeTourneau in California, USA in the 1920s


R.G. LeTourneau started off as an earthmoving contractor. He then went on to design and build his own machines.

Before WWII, they supplied attachments for Caterpillar machines, but then started to compete building their own designs. They were a pioneer of Diesel-electric drive chains for large machinery.

LeTourneau bought the Titan dump truck line off General Motors in 1984.

The company went on to produce some of the largest Wheeled Loaders ever build with the range topping LeTourneau L-2350, introduced in October 2000. The loader is fitted with a 53 cu yd bucket. The machine weighs 270 tons.

LeTourneau-Westinghouse 660 grader brochure

LeTourneau sold off their earth-moving machinery to WABCO Inc. of Pennsylvania, and equipment was manufactured under the LeTourneau-Westinghouse (LW) brand.

LeTourneau was taken over by Rowan Companies in 1994. The last giant dump trucks were shipped in 1996. In 2006, the corporate name was changed to LeTourneau Technologies. In 2011, Joy Global purchased LeTourneau Technologies, and is based in Longview, Texas.[1]

Product range


  • LeTourneau D-800
  • LeTourneau D-950


  • LeTourneau SL-10
  • LeTourneau SL-15
  • LeTourneau SL-20R
  • LeTourneau SL-30
  • LeTourneau SL-40
  • LeTourneau L-100
  • LeTourneau L-500
  • LeTourneau L-600
  • LeTourneau L-700
  • LeTourneau L-800
  • LeTourneau L-950 Generation II
  • LeTourneau L-1150 Generation II
  • LeTourneau L-1200
  • LeTourneau L-1350 Generation II
  • LeTourneau L-1800
  • LeTourneau L-1850 Generation II
  • LeTourneau L-2350
  • LeTourneau L-2350 Generation II


  • LeTourneau LT-120
  • LeTourneau LT-240
  • LeTourneau LT-300
  • LeTourneau LT-360

Dump trucks

  • Titan 33-15C - ex GM design, 160 ton capacity GM drive train
  • Titan T-2000 series - 1986, 200 ton capacity, 2000 hp engines, LeTourneau drive train, with solid state controls.
    • Titan T-2170 - 170 ton
    • Titan T-2190 - 190 ton
    • Titan T-2200 - 200 tom
    • Titan T-2240 - 240 ton

Log Stackers

  • LeTourneau 35 Series
  • LeTourneau 45 Series
  • LeTourneau 50 Series
  • LeTourneau 55 Series

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