Latil timber tractor OSU 375 at Weeting 09 - IMG 9666

A restored Latil Timber Tractor OSU 375 at the Weeting Steam Engine Rally 2009

Latil was a French builder of Cars, Tractors and Trucks. The firms origins go back to1898 when a George's Latil built a portable engine to go between the horse shafts of a cart.


The first truck was offered in 1914 with 4-wd and 4-wheel steering. !! In 1915 Latil developed with the Tourand company an early agricultural tractor, this was a 20 hp machine that had several novel features: the rear wheels mounted inside the chassis side rails and a hoist device was used to raise and lower a plough or other implement mounted at the rear. The Tourand-Latil was demonstrated at several agricultural trials and after the First World War was marketed for a period. In 1918 Latil resumed his work on road haulage tractors, and from 1925 he began to adapt these for agricultural use, initially in the beetgrowing areas of the Ile de France. Latil also pioneered the use of pneumatic tyres on agricultural vehicles in the late 1920s, and his versatile machines were equally at home in the field or on the road.During the First World War hey built 4x4 Gun tractors for the Army. This evolved into the Latil JTL in 1938, with a 3.0 litre petrol engine and a 6-speed transmission.

The Germany company of MAN took over the factory in the 2nd World War. After the second world war production resumed with the Diesel powered Latil H14 Tl "Navette" launched in the 1950s. Latil was taken over by Renault in 1955, and latter was sold on to truck maker SAVIEM in 19?[clarification needed] and concentrated on forestry machinery production. In 1974 the firm was taken over by Brimont a French trailer builder.

Some models were built in the UK under license by Shelvoke & Drewry, and also by Latil Industrial Vehicles in London. A Belgium factory also built some in the 1930's.

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A few of these French machines are in UK preservation.

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