Lanz alldog 1215 of Martin Arnold at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3684

Lanz Alldog - serial no. 3718 in the George Stephenson pavilion at Newark Vintage Show in 2008

Lanz Alldog 1215 no. 3718 is a restored Lanz Alldog tractor built in 1953 by Lanz in ?, Germany. Owned and restored by Martin Arnold from Telford Shropshire.

Tractors historyEdit

  • Built in 1954
  • Worked in market gardens
  • Detailed early history unknown.
  • Retired in 1978
  • Restored by current owner to concourse condition.
  • New body built.
  • Owned by tractor collector Martin Arnold from Shropshire.


  • Removable transport body with removable / drop sides
  • mid mounted tool bar with potato ridger fitted
  • Single cylinder engine
  • 2nd man seat
  • Continental drawbar jaw hitch
  • PTO
  • Lighting mounted on frame
  • Adjustable wheel track


This tractor has been exhibited at events including;


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Photo Caption / notes
Lanz Alldog At Bromyard Gala in 2008, Note the comprehensive info board displayed with tractor
Lanz Alldog 1215 - rear- at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3681 Rear PTO, Drawbar Jaw coupling, 2nd seat (on left mudguard) and driving position on right
Lanz Alldog 1215 no. 3718 at Newark VTS 08 - IMG 3682 View of driving position and Engine.
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Photos from 2008 Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show.

  • Newark show guide 2008

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