Land Rover R16 - HNX 331 pre-production at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4708

A Land Rover R16 prototype HNX 331 at the Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009

Land Rover PTO Belt pulley unit on a S1 - IMG 4705

The optional Land Rover PTO belt pulley unit on a Series 1 fitted with adjustable drawbar unit for trailed implements

Land Rover S1 lineup at AngleseyIMG 2486

Aline of Landrovers at the Isle of Anglesey Vintage Rally 2010

Land Rover series I - LTV 443 at Armley Mills 2011 - IMG 2815

LTV 443 at Armley Mills 2011

The Land Rover Series 1 was introduced as a post war design based on the wartime Willys MB GP vehicle and the Austin Gipsy in 1948 by the Rover Car Company in the United Kingdom. The design was built on a Ladder chassis with 4-wheel drive from a transfere box fitted to a 4 speed gearbox, with a high low ratio spitter added and a additional Power Take Off facility to drive auxiliary equipment.

Model historyEdit

The initial proto-type was built with a central driving position, but then it was found that UK Traffic regulations did not allow this for Cars[citation (source) needed] and several pre production prototypes were built for publicity, testing and demonstrators in Right and left handed versions.

The Body was built from Alloy as post war steel was still in short supply, and rationed. But there was plenty of capacity in the aircraft industry from the drop in demand for aircraft bodies following cessation of hostilities.

The design that allowed the Land Rover to be used as a Light tractor also allowed it to be sold at home to farmers rather than being exported as a lot of post war production was allocated to earning foreign revenue to pay for the war from export markets. But increasing Agricultural production to reduce imports was a priority at home, so some items were exempt from export only rules.

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  • 2.0 litre Petrol engine
  • 4-speed gear box
  • 2/4-wheel drive
  • Hi-low range gear box
  • Steel Ladder Chassis
  • Aluminium Alloy body
  • Folding / removable windscreen
  • Removable doors
  • removable tail gate

Options and variationsEdit

  • PTO unit
  • Belt pulley (see photo above)
  • Adjustable offset draw bar for trailed implements
  • Rear seats
  • Rear canvas Canopy roof
  • Front Capstan winch unit
  • Heater (option)
  • Wiper (optional)

Serial numbers / production data Edit

  • 48 Pre production models were built in both Left and Right hand drive versions.
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Land Rover SI Fire Engine PGK 965 at Lincoln 08 - DSC00047

PGK 965 a Restored Fire engine conversion of a Series I Land Rover

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List of Preserved Land Rover Series I tractors
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Make + Model No. Reg No.
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Build-Date Engine-Type/Make body type Owner
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Land Rover Prototype HNX 331+  ? Petrol Std open  ? Land Rover R16 - HNX 331 pre-production at Lister Tyndale 09 - IMG 4708 At Lister Tyndale Steam Rally 2009 Pre production no. ?
Land Rover SI SLD 332+  ?  ? Canvas Tilt  ? Landrover seies I reg SLD 332 in Desert clour scheme at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1428 At Woolpit Steam 2009 In Military Desert livery
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