Lampson International is a crane manufacturer located in Kennewick, Washington established in 1947 by Neil F. Lampson. The Lampson company operates one of the largest crane fleets in the United States with a fleet including Heavy Lift Cranes with capacities from 100 tons to 750 tons and Heavy Lift Transi-Lift cranes with capacities from 500 tons to 3,000 tons.

"Big Blue" was a Lampson crane that collapsed during the construction of Miller Park in Milwaukee On July 14, 1999. The Transi-Lift crane was lifting a 400 ton section of roof when it collapsed killing three workers.

Big BlueEdit

The Big Blue was a Transi heavylift crane.

Big Blue ProfileEdit

  • Started at Miller Park: Oct. 2, 1998
  • Height: 567 feet
  • Weight: 2,100 tons
  • Lifting Capacity: 1,500 tons
  • Counterweights: 1,150 tons
  • Cables: 30,000 feet
  • Operators: Four
  • Cost to Build: $10 million
  • Assembly Time: Six weeks

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