Lamborgini R653 at Cromford 08 - P8030352

A 'Used' Lamborghini R 653 parked off to the side at Cromford Steam Rally 2008

Lamborghini tractor - (GHH 396V) at Somerset 2013 - IMG 6855

A restored example of a Lamborghini tractor

Lamborghini Trattori S.p.A. was founded by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1948, who also created the Lamborghini cars. It was purchased by SAME in 1972. After also purchasing Hurlimann, the parent company was called S-L-H (Same-Lamborghini-Hurlimann). Later, when Deutz-Fahr was purchased, the parent company became SAME Deutz-Fahr (SDF).

Lamborghini is still an active brand for SDF with tractors built in Italy, Poland and India.


Modern models
Model list
(from Traktor Lexikon)

340 DT 485 DT 235 DT 503 DT 583 DT 603 DT 653 DT 654 DT 754 DT 804 DT 854 DT 955 DT 1056 DT 1256 DT 1356 DT 1556 DT 874-90 turbo DT 1306 turbo DT 1506 turbo DT 1706 turbo DT 600 DT 700 DT 774-80 DT 874-90 DT


Agile S 660 Agile V 660 Agile S 770 Agile V 770 Agile S 880 Agile V 880


Champion 120 Champion 135 Champion 150 Champion 160 Champion 180 Champion 200


554-50 DT A Crono 564-60 DT A Crono 574-70 DT A Crono

Baureihe Crono TargetEdit

CRONO Target 55 CRONO Target 70


674-70 DT N A Cross

F PlusEdit

F PLUS 55 F PLUS 70 F PLUS 75 F PLUS 90 F PLUS 100


105 DT A Formula 115 DT A Formula 135 DT A Formula

Grand PrixEdit

674-70 DT A Grand Prix 774-80 DT A Grand Prix 874-90 DT A Grand Prix 674-70 LS DT A Grand Prix 774-80 LS DT A Grand Prix 874-90 LS DT A Grand Prix

Grand Prix TargetEdit

GRAND PRIX Target 75 GRAND PRIX Target 95


Premium 850 DT A Premium 950 DT A Premium 1050 DT A Premium 1060 DT A Premium 1100 DT A Premium 1300 DT A

Baureihe R1Edit

R1.30 R1.35 R1.40 R1.45 R1.50 R1.55

Baureihe R2Edit

R2.56 R2.66 R2.76 R2.86

Baureihe R3Edit


Baureihe R3.EVOEdit

R3.EVO.85 R3.EVO.100 R3.EVO.110

Baureihe R4Edit

R4.85 R4.95 R4.105 R4.110

Baureihe R5Edit

R5.115 R5.130

Baureihe R6Edit

R6.100 R6.110 R6.115

R6.125 R6.130 R6.140 R6.150 R6.160 R6.175 R6.185 R6.VRT.150.7 R6.VRT.165.7

Baureihe R7Edit

R7.175 S Target R7.175 S R7.200 R7.210

Baureihe R8Edit

R8.215 R8.230 R8.265 R8.270

Baureihe RSEdit

RS.70 RS.75 RS.90 RS.100


150 DT A Racing 165 DT A Racing 190 DT A Racing


Runner 250 DT A Runner 350 DT A Runner 450 DT A


Sprint 664-60 DT A Sprint 664-65 DT A Sprint 674-70 DT A Sprint 674-75 DT A Sprint 684-85 DT A


Traction 240 Traction 265


Victory 230 Victory 260 Victory 230 Plus Victory 260 Plus


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