L.F. Jewell Ltd
Founded 1985
Defunct 1991
Headquarters Bridgewater, Somerset, England
Products tractor conversions
Jewelltrac 120 - Bruff Drainer at Belvoir 09 FFA Expo - IMG 8824

A Unique Jewelltrac 120 - Bruff Drainer on the FFA Expo 5 stand at Belvoir Castle show 2009

L.F. Jewell Ltd of Bridgewater, Somerset, England was a Ford Tractor dealership.

When Roadless Traction Ltd went bankrupt in 1983, L.F. Jewell bought the manufacturing rights to the Roadless designs, work in progress, stock and the spares business. It took 5 days and 14 articulated lorries to move the stock to Jewell's Bridgewater premises.

Jewelltrac ModelsEdit

From the Stock and partially-built tractors they assembled several machines, which were sold as "Jewelltrac"s.

They built several tractors including these;

Kelland take overEdit

In 1985 Kellands Group, a local distributor of construction machinery bought L.F.Jewell Ltd. Kelland then went bust in 1991. Kellands was then rescued and are still trading and now own the Multidrive tractors business and sprayers.


Roadless was then sold off to Roger Haynes, a local farmer 7 contractor from Evesham, with a long association with Roadless as a tester. He then carried on the parts supply business as Agrosave before retiring and selling it to Dave Pantry in 1996 ?

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