Knotter cam on Sunshine binder - IMG 4194

The Knotter drive cams on a Sunshine binder

Knotter side view and needles - IMG 4195

Knotter side view with needle below

Corn sheaves from binder - IMG 1831

Sheaves of corn tied by a binder

The Knotter is a device used in binders and balers to tie a knot in string or wire used to 'bind' or 'tie' the sheaves of corn or straw and hay up.


The knotter works by a series of cams and gears to feed a loop of string or wire and round the bale or sheath and then twist it and form the knot before a knife cuts of the string and the bale is ejected and the string threaded down ready for the next cycle. yhe whole sequence is driven by gears or chain drive as each operation must be in sycronisation with the next.

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