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Crossley engine at Klondyke mill 09 - IMG 4924.jpg

The Klondyke Mill Preservation Centre at Draycot in the Clay in Staffordshire is home to the North Staffordshire and Cheshire Traction Engine Club. The club are based on the site of a former plaster mill, known as the Klondyke Mill which was demolished in the 1950s. The club has a Workshop with a working Crossley Horizontal Engine installed in it, and a club house and hard standing and roadway loop for engine storage and driving lessons / practice.


The club was 50 Years old in December 2008.[1]

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The club run several events during the year.

  • The open day at the start of the season
  • Driver training day in April
  • A Steam weekend in the middle of the year
  • Klondyke Mill Autumn Steam Up in October
  • Bonfire Party in November


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Spring Steam up 2009
Photo Description
Green no. 2054 RR - RF 3309 At Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7250.jpg Greens no. 2054 a Single cylinder 10 ton roller of 1927
Burrell no. 2706 TE Admiral Togo - TB 2845 at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7166.jpg Admiral Togo - Burrell no. 2706 built 1904 - awaiting rebuilding
McLaren no. 127 TE - The Little Wonder - HO 5618 and Living Van at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7256.jpg " The Little Wonder" McLaren no. 127 of 1882 - 3rd oldest McLaren in UK
Aveling & Porter no. 11486 - tubes - IMG 7174.jpg A light steam tractor Aveling and Porter no. 11486 having new steam tubes fitted in 2009
Aveling & Porter no. 8316 RR - Lady Hamilton - E 5335 at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7186.jpg The roller A&P no. 8316 Lady Hamilton often used for driver training
Marshall Portable no ? Under restoration at Klondyke 09 - IMG 7282.jpg A Unknown Marshall Portable engine under restoration. (makers no required ? - can you help)
Crossley 30 hp engine head - at KM 09 - IMG 7198.jpg Crossley 30 hp engine at KM 09 - IMG 7199.jpg A Crossley horizontal 30 hp engine that was rescued from a estate house and now restored in the workshops running a generator.
Fordson Model N - VFF 910 - At Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7169.jpg A restored Fordson parked outside the gate
Scammell Explorer TAS 446 at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7225.jpg Scammell Explorer TAS 446 under restoration by one of the club members
Lister Junior no. 248249 and Crusher at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7271.jpg A Lister Junior with Crusher
T. Baker & Sons water cart at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7230.jpg A restored water cart belonging to one of the club members engines. Used to carry extra water when roading to rallies or on road runs.
Burrell 4092 Model SRL Jane BP02 FLR at Klondyke mill 09 - IMG 7248.jpg A working miniature steam model of Burrell no. 4092 - Jane
Fowler no. 15787 RL Iron Duke - EP 2398 at Klondyke mill 09 - IMG 7192.jpg Fowler no. 15787 in the centres workshop under going maintenance work before the 2009 season
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