Kent Ford Dealers was group of Ford tractor agents (dealers) that grouped together to offer specialist tractors for the Kent areas fruit growers. They built and sold tractors and machinery adapted for this specialist market. Mainly reduced width equipment for Orchard work. The firm of Stormont Engineering built the orchard tractors by cutting down the axles on various Fordson tractor models.

KFD Fordson Dexta orchard (front) at GDSF 08 - IMG 0705

A Orchard version of a Fordson Dexta converted by KFD on display at GDSF in 2008

Kent Ford Dealers Badge - IMG 0706

The manufacturers plate on a Fordson Dexta conversion by Kent Ford Dealers

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A few of these tractors are appearing on the rally circuit as they are cleared out of sheds from redundant orchars and fruit farms. They also have that bit of a difference about them to creat a bit more interest both among collectors looking for the quirky and visitors with a "Whats that factor".

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  • Display board presented with tractors on display

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