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Kastrup Maskinfabrik (English Kastrup Machine Factory) was a Danish engineering company founded in about 1900.


Kastrup machine factory was around the turn of the century a small repair workshop for construction firm Såby & Johansen. Since this firm was continued as Såby & C. Lerche engineering works was in 1907 moved to Copenhagen at Amager Strandvej 418-420 and with stock on Skøjtevej.

In 1930 the business was converted into a A/S (limited company). The first year was the factory is still a small repair shop for construction equipment but then they started manufacturing the same construction machinery. As one of the first to factory-built oil and gasoline tanks and trucks, as well as small diesel locomotives. Some of the first electric arc welded tanks in Scandinavia was perduced by Kastrup Machine. They latter include represented at Heath Lands Veteran Tracker.

The factory produced many steel structures including the roof at "Scott Farm School" and the "Copenhagen Bio".

The Company also owned a patent on a Sweeper machine mechanism granted in 1958.[1]

The company are (were ?) builders of railway locomotives.[2]

Steam rollers

Kastrup machine factory built five steamrollers on a licence given by J.A. Maffei.[when?]

Damptromleklubben (Danish Steam Club) was presented with one of these Danish built steam rollers by Esbjerg Council in order to preserve it for the future.

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