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Kapena SA is a Polish bus-manufacturer based in Włynkówko near Slupsk, in Poland. The company was founded in 1964 as "Komunalne Przedsiębiorstwo Naprawy Autobusów" (KPNA), translated as "Municipal Bus Repair Company". It was renamed in the early 1990s to Kapena SA.

In 1992, Kapena and Saab-Scania set up a joint venture in Poland to manufacture buses, with Scania having 65% of the venture, and called it "Scania-Kapena SA". Trolleybuses were created in cooperation with Jelcz. From 1996-1998, Kapena manufactured Kia commercial vehicles. In 2001, Cacciamali S.p.A., an Italian bus-builder, acquired a stake in Kapena.[1] In 2003, Kapena began selling Irisbus buses in Poland. 2006 saw the opening of a new factory in Slupsk, Poland, with additional expansion to follow.


On the basis of Iveco Daily:

  • Daily 50C13 City - City
  • Thesi Urbanino 65C15 - city
  • Urby - city
  • Daily 50C13 Intercity - Local
  • Thesi Intercity 65C15 - Local or wagon
  • Thesi School - School (gimbus)

On the other chassis Irisbus:

  • Tema Intercity 100E22 - Local
  • Tema School - School
  • MidiRider 395E - Local or wagon

Under the brand Irisbus:

  • Proxys
  • Proway

Historical models:

  • Kapena Ambra Intercity 12.227 Kapena Ambra InterCity 12.227
  • Kapena City 7,5 Kapena City 7.5
  • Kapena Euro polis TCM920 Kapena Euro policy TCM920
  • Kapena Falcon Kapena Falcon
  • Kapena Intercity Kapena Intercity
  • Kapena Thesi City 59E12 Kapena Thesi City 59E12
  • Kapena Thesi City 65C15 Kapena Thesi City 65C15
  • Kapena Thesi Intercity 59E12 Kapena Thesi InterCity 59E12
  • Kapena Tema Intercity 100E18 Kapena Tema Intercity 100E18
  • Kapena Tema Intercity 100E21 Kapena Tema Intercity 100E21

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