Junttan piling rig - DSCF0009a

A Junttan piling rig at work on the foundations to the failed Luminare project in Leeds

Junttan Oy are a Finish piling rig manufacturer. The company invented a fully hydraulic piling machine in 1979.

History timeline

  • Junttan founded as a company in 1976
  • Junttan built the first all hydraulic piling rig in 1979
  • Junttan PM 20 model range launched in 1983
  • First Junttan rig sold outside Finland in 1984 with exports to neigbouring Sweden and Denmark
  • The first deep stabilisation machine launched in 1988
  • The Junttan HHK-A series of hydraulic pile hammer launched in 1993
  • The heavy-duty Junttan PM 26-40 rig is launched in 1996
  • New modern factory opened in 2000

Junttan HHK S hydraulic hammer range launched in 2001 • Taken over by the PiloMac group in 2006 • Junttan HHK 25S launched as the companies biggest hydraulic hammer in 2007 • The 1000th Hydraulic hammer made bu Junttan built in 2007 • The 500th Junttan Piling rig built in 2008 • Company relocates to new production facilities in 2008

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