Mahindra Yueda (Yancheng) Tractor Company Ltd.
Predecessor Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Founded 1959
Headquarters YanCheng, Jiangsu, China
Industry agriculture machinery tractor
Production output 100,000
Parent Mahindra (formerly owned 51% from 2008-2017)

Huanghai Jinma logo Jinma is the brand name for tractors built by Mahindra Yueda (Yancheng) Tractor Company Ltd. in YanCheng, Jiangsu, China. Formerly called Jiangsu Yueda Yancheng Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the company builds tractors and implements from 16 hp-130 hp. The Jinma brand is one of the most well-known brands in the western world, and the company can build up to 100,000 tractors per year. In China, the brand is marketed as Huanghai Jinma.[1] Jinma means Gold Horse in Chinese.

The company was founded in 1959, and in 2008, Mahindra of India purchased a majority 51% ownership, and renamed the company to its current name.[2][3] Since its acquisition, Mahindra has marketed some Jinma-built tractors as Mahindra.

In 2017, Mahindra announced plans to sell its stake in Jinma.[4][5]

The company has been successful around the world by offering "private labels", whereas most anyone can by their tractors and put their own brand on them. So Jinmas have been sold under many different brands around the world, such as: Agracat, Emerybuilt, Farm Pro, Gold Horse, Green Horse, Iron Horse, Jepe, McConnell-Marc, Roland, Sartrac, Siromer, Tracco, WorkTrak, etc...


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